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By Ms.Coco Sun

Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in UK.

If you are looking for Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in UK, you are in the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in UK.

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1   PureH2O Ltd

Address: Boundary Business Centre, 21, Boundary Way, Woking GU21 5DH, United Kingdom
Phone: +441483617000
Plus:  8FG4+G5 Woking, United Kingdom
PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water


2   Puriflow Water Solutions Ltd-Water Filter London-Water Filter Near Covent Garden

Address: 71-75 Shelton St, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +442035071879
Plus: GV7G+XH London, United Kingdom

Puriflow Filters originated from the owners passionate interest in natural health & nutrition. Whilst studying alternative health and the effects of diet on the health of the body it became apparent that whilst food was increasingly becoming recognised as a major influence on overall well being, the most basic, essential nutrient for human health was frequently overlooked – safe, healthy water.At Puriflow Filters we believe that clean and safe water is everyone’s birth right and are dedicated to offering our customers the widest range of economical, high quality, proven water filtration products sourced from some of the industries most innovative & reliable manufacturers in the water purification sector. We believe that good basic water filtration shouldn’t have to cost the earth!Our products enable you to remove impurities from your water, whilst saving you the expense and environmental impact of bottled water and helping with your green/cost saving initiatives, not to mention saving having to lug heavy bottles home every week!



3   BWT UK Limited

Address:  Cowpen Ln, Billingham TS23 4JD, United Kingdom
Phone: +441642373500
Plus:  JP6R+7G Billingham, United Kingdom


Since it was founded in 1990, BWT has been dedicated to its vision of perfect water. Today, this passion has enabled us to become Europe’s leading water technology company.

Our technical expertise in all areas of water purification makes BWT unique. Our in-house research and development departments, and the expansion of production facilities throughout Europe, have contributed significantly to the progress we have made, with our sights permanently set on achieving maximum safety, hygiene and health in our daily contact with water, the elixir of life.



Aquathin UK

Address: St. Martins House Business Centre, Ockham Rd S, East Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6RX, United Kingdom

Phone: +441483904258

Plus: 7H78+RW Leatherhead, United Kingdom

Aquathin UK is a family run business located in surrey supplying and installing the worlds most efficient and robust water purification systems on the market.For decades Aquathin has been at the forefront of water purification, providing the purest water to homes, businesses and laboratories all over the world. Water is essential to life, health and well-being and we believe you should never compromise on the quality of something as important as water.We want to make people safer, happier and healthier by drinking our ultra-pure, clean and tasty water. Aquathin’s system have a considerably lower carbon footprint than pre-bottled water. By switching to Aquathin UK, there is no need to transport, refrigerate or recycle expensive pre-bottled water and therefore reducing the impact of plastic waste and helping to contribute to a more sustainable world.




5    FreshWater Filter Company

Address: Unit 3, Old Winery Business Park, Chapel St, Cawston, Norwich NR10 4FE, United Kingdom
Phone: +448451770896
Plus: Q5F8+98 Cawston, Norwich, UK

pure mineral drinking water reverse osmosis system purifying filters purifier machine RO purification water treatment plant

The FreshWater Filter Company was founded by Dwight Wood in London in the 1980s. About to become a first-time father, Dwight found himself increasingly concerned about the quality of ordinary tap water – and decided to find out what drinking water filter systems were available for the home and families. Dwight soon discovered there was very little choice – and that the filtration products that were available were invariably complicated, expensive, and difficult to maintain.Dwight spotted a gap in the market. And, convinced that everyone has a right to access great-tasting, impurity-free drinking water, The FreshWater Filter Company was founded. Since those early days, FreshWater hasn’t looked back. In fact, the business has gone from strength to strength and we have stayed true to our original ethos: that when it comes to water, everyone should have a choice.Acquired by the Greg Rowe Group in 2008, FreshWater is today regarded as the go-to brand for quality, well-designed drinking water filter systems that don’t cost a fortune. Above all, we remain passionate about designing and manufacturing products that deliver the best, healthiest drinking water.Based in Norfolk, our best-selling filter products include our Freshwater FW1000 and FW2000 systems, which offer superior, multi-stage filtration, as well as the option to tackle specific contaminants. We make and stock replacement filter cartridges for a wide range of filter taps, systems and fridge freezers and our in-house customer service team are always on hand to help.




Aquasana Europe

Address:  20, 22 Wenlock Rd, London N1 7GU, United Kingdom
Phone: +442080995178
Plus: GWJ4+6H London, United Kingdom


Since 1999, we at Aquasana have strived to produce quality filtration systems that provide access to healthy drinking and bathing water. Our mission is to make whole-body water health as easy, accessible and economical as possible. Therefore, all of our products are produced with our customers in mind and they have been built to filters out more than 99% of the chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents and cysts found in tap water while preserving useful minerals such as calcium and potassium.



Hommix UK – Water Filtration

Address: 47 Kempe Rd, Enfield EN1 4QT, United Kingdom
Phone: +443301139292
Plus: MXG2+JQ Enfield, United Kingdom
Hommix UK Ltd. is a London based company  specialising in water softening, filtration and quality kitchen and bathroom taps. We strive to provide you with the cleanest water possible for your home/business. Most of the UK suffers from hard water (almost 80% generally speaking), we use this water to drink and to bathe both causing damage to your body inside and out. It’s long overdue to put an end to this. Here at HOMMIX we are making it our number one mission to bring you softened, filtered, healthy and clean water to enjoy at the comfort of your own home or business.  At homes, most of us without a water filter system either drink directly from the tap or visit a local supermarket and buy litres of bottled water. Drinking from the tap, especially at those areas where the water is really hard is causing damage whether you are aware of it or not; bacteria, heavy metals and viruses are amongst many other contaminants and substances that you or your family are intaking. Bottled water has a lot more impact on the environment than it does to you (although plastic bottles contain BPA – read about it here). Every year millions of plastic bottles are dumped into the ocean, the affect of this is really upsetting, which turns into frustration the more you think about it. This is why projects such as The Ocean Cleanup is so important. We can do our part by not using plastic bottles at all and investing in filtration systems and BPA-free reusable bottles, not just for our generation but for our sprouts and the future generations.



8   Kangen Water Specialists – London, UK

Address: Kangen Water Specialists, Chafford Hundred, Grays RM16 6GE, United Kingdom
Phone: +447717173680
Plus:  F7RX+XX Grays, United Kingdom


Clean Water International (UK) Ltd.

Address: Hardwick Industrial Estate, Oldmedow Rd, King’s Lynn PE30 4JJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +448452692837
Plus: PCR8+P2 King’s Lynn, United Kingdom

Clean Water International is a leading innovator of water treatment technologies. Forward-facing it works with a range of global partners to develop systems to help companies protect and maintain sanitary water supply and reduce the costs of wastewater treatment. Using internet of things (IoT) technology, clients can monitor and control water treatment remotely.From an initial free consultation to installation and maintenance of our water management systems, Clean Water International provides a comprehensive service.


10   Osmio Water

Address: Buckland Lake Reserve, Buckland Rd, Cliffe ME3 7RT, United Kingdom
Phone: +443301137181
Plus:FF2R+62 Cliffe, Rochester, UK

Osmio Water, driven by our shared passion for all to enjoy pure and healthy water, care deeply about our customers, our environment, and the purity and quality of food. We provide innovative and high performing products to reduce single-use plastic, kicking your bottled water and cleaning products into touch! We have a friendly and professional customer care team to assist you if you need help. You can checkout 24/7 and we dispatch Monday to Friday cutting off at 3.30pm for a same day dispatch.


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