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By Ms.Coco Sun

Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa.

If you are looking for Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa, you are in the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa.

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1     African Water Purification

Address: Unit 41, 309 Derdepoort Road Tannery Industrial Park, Silverton, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa
Phone: +27716051637
Plus: 77FW+97 Pretoria, South Africa

We at African Water Purification believe in treating our customers like we would liked to be treated. Give us a call or email for fast friendly assistance in all your water purification needs. We have highly trained technicians ready to help you every step of the way.Get the best water solution for your problem water. Get your free quotation from the guys and girls that Eat, Sleep and Drink water!


2   Puritech Water Treatment

Address:  286 16th Rd, Halfway House Estate, Midrand, 1685, South Africa
Phone: +27126571010
Plus: 248H+CR Midrand, South Africa

We are based in the heart of Johannesburg, the Land of Gold. Puritech takes pride in running its business with minimal overhead and maximum efficiency so we can offer the best prices and the superior services our customers deserve. At our warehouses we stock Reverse osmosis systems, water filters, filter media, filter housings, water dispensers, water bars and more, available for quick delivery/shipping to any location. Puritech provides  high quality water purification products and services to great companies and institutions throughout South Africa and the world. This has resulted in a satisfied customer list of over 10000 customers including Franchise Supply, Mould Engineering, government agencies, and many other well-known companies. In conclusion, Puritech carries many more water purification and water treatment products than what is available online, and we have access to even more water purification products. We are growing rapidly and constantly expanding our product line. Puritech is the place where everyone can find all the water purification equipment and consumables! Domestic & Industrial water filters & Water Purifiers – Water treatment Plants – Water Shop Setup.


3    Sagisa Filtration & Purification

Address: 2 Susman Ave, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194, South Africa
Phone: +27117870355
Plus: V2H7+J4 Randburg, South Africa

Sagisa is a filtration and purification company. We supply purification, clarification, separation and filtration solutions for food, beverage, oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, paint, ink, paper, power and food service.Our Filtration products include microfiltration, ultrafiltration (diafiltration), nanofiltration and hyperfiltration (reverse osmosis) with capabilities that range from high temperature gas and catalyst separation using sintered metal filters, down to molecular filtration using polymeric membrane technologies.Applications range from simple filtration products to complete integrated filtration and purification systems.Sagisa offers complete turnkey and system designs for all process applications where fluids and gases need to be purified, concentrated or recovered.



Aqua Tech Sa – Water Purification Systems

Address:  1E Palm Prings, 30 Christoffel St, Van Riebeeck Park, Kempton Park, 1629, South Africa

Plus: W6G9+5M Kempton Park, South Africa




5   The Water Filter Company

Address:  Millennium Park, Stellenberg Rd, Parow Industrial, Cape Town, 7493, South Africa
Phone: +27218136631
Plus: 3J64+8Q Parow, Cape Town, South Africa

We were founded in January 2012 as part of venture investing into the African filtered water market through the Drinking Waters Brand. We aim to be the leading water filtration providers to South Africa and the wider continent.We established a separate niche website for water filters in recognition that the use of water filters is becoming increasingly common within industry – and that customers need specific advice on suitable solutions and detailed information on the wide variety of filters available.We offer customers Africa’s widest range of water filters available on a next day dispatch basis, backed up by a network of fully trained engineers. Our national coverage with leading water cooler companies enables us to provide customers with installation, sanitisation and general maintenance solutions across the South Africa. Within the rest of Africa our established relationships with national suppliers, enables us to dispatch almost all our water filters.



6   4 U Pure Water

Address: 11 Barn Owl St, Rooihuiskraal North, Centurion, 0157, South Africa
Phone: +27645282377
Plus: 449P+P4 Centurion, South Africa
These stores are retail outlets, trading under our branded name and owned by individuals,serving the public and retail with the same quality products currently produced for us. They operate under our strict guidelines when it comes to quality products and hygiene standards. These stores benefit from our vast experience in the bottled water
Purification systems and beverage industry, which in turn helps the owner to run a successful business.


7   H2O Sandton

Address:  5 Galaxy Avenue, Unit 27C Linbro Office Park Linbro Park, Edenburg, Sandton, 2128, South Africa
Phone: +27112340672
Plus: W4C8+H7 Sandton, South Africa

Known as Southern Africa’s leading water purification company, H2O|BWT has become a household name when it comes to those who require clean, purified, great tasting water.Tony Marchesini was inspired to start H2O International when he became aware of the huge difference a water purifier could make not only to the taste and colour of the water but to the health and well-being of the family drinking this water. Today H2O International SA, with a proven track record of over 26 years, has an established and dedicated network of franchisees, sales consultants and service technicians, stretching not only throughout South Africa, but also into Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Kenya and Zambia.


8   Absolutely Perfect Water Glenvista

Address: Shop L11C, Glenvista Shopping Centre 188 Biggarsberg St. Cnr. Bellairs drv &, Sneeuberg St, Glenvista, Johannesburg, 2091, South Africa
Phone: +27114326432
Plus:  P373+F8 Johannesburg, South Africa


All of water filters

Phone: +27813797112
Plus: 775G+4Q Pretoria, South Africa



10     Pure Water Purifiers

Address: 338 Highland Rd, Kensington, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa
Phone: +27116222898
Plus: R435+CV Johannesburg, South Africa
Pure Water Purifiers & Filters have been imported and sold into South Africa for 25 years now. Our filters have been sold through major outlets, such as Makro, as well as numerous health shops around the country. Our online shop allows you to get top quality water purifier and water filters, delivered right to your door, no matter where you are! Smaller towns and cities, which have the poorest water quality and, due to economic constraints, have not been serviced effectively, can shop online and purchase directly from us. There is a trust factor, which our brand has overcome in the larger centers as people have been able to see the quality of our purifiers and, more importantly, our filters. When shopping for water filters and purifiers you get what you pay for. There are a number of poor quality water filter products being offered, especially online, and we encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue to contact us for reassurance.
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