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By Ms.Coco Sun

Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in Argentina.

If you are looking for Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in Argentina, you are in the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Water Purifier Manufacturers & Suppliers in Argentina.

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1   General Water Company Argentina

Address: 1900, Avenida 7 1228, Segundo Piso, EFZ, B1900EFZ La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +548106669104
Plus: 33J4+F9 La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina



Water purifiers and water filters 3M – CUNO

Address: Charlone 516, C1427 CABA, Argentina
Phone: +541145556050
Plus: CG8X+RC Buenos Aires, Argentina
reverse osmosis system purifying filters
Newater Argentina & amp; amp; reg; & amp; lt; / strong & amp; gt; is a company dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, in particular, drinking water. & amp; lt; / p & amp; gt; & amp; lt; p & amp; gt; It sells in Argentina the entire & amp; lt; strong & amp; gt; 3M CUNO & amp; amp; reg; & amp; lt; / strong & amp; gt; for industrial, commercial and domestic water filtration. & amp; lt; / p & amp; gt; & amp; lt; p & amp; gt; & amp; lt; strong & amp; gt; 3M CUNO & amp; amp; reg; & amp; lt; / strong & amp; gt ;, with factories in 6 parts of the world, producing equipment for more century and provides companies l & amp; amp; iacute; deres in the sector. & amp; lt; / p & amp; gt; & amp; lt; p & amp; gt; & amp; lt; strong & amp; gt; 3M CUNO & amp; amp; reg; & amp; lt; / strong & amp; gt; has ISO 9001 quality certification, & amp; amp; nbsp; And it has also been recognized by & amp;


3   Ozono Argentina

Address: ADD, Ruy Díaz de Guzmán 708 C1265AAC, C1267 C1267ADD, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +541143015666
Plus: 9J6H+QV Buenos Aires, Argentina




PURA Water Purifiers

Address: Valentín Gómez 577, B1706 Haedo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone:  +548103457872

Plus: 996R+Q3 Haedo, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

We develop products with technology and innovation for water treatment for you, your home and your business. Through the sale of our purifying equipment and reusable thermal bottles, we guarantee access to the quality water you deserve and promote sustainable water consumption to rid the planet of plastic waste.The Certification B  for companies is an international endorsement that guarantees compliance with the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal responsibility to balance the profits and the purpose of a company. In this way, we seek to generate a change in global culture, redefining business success and building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.




Address: AMA, Av. Gral. Paz 4147, B1672 Villa Lynch, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +541147533900
Plus: CF3G+CX Villa Lynch, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


IPA ARGENTINA SA has specialized personnel and a modern management system that allows us to adequately assist our clients in everything inherent to preventive and corrective maintenance of installed systems. Contact us, by phone or by e-mail, we will give you an answer as soon as possible.The After-Sales Service department, equipped with specialized personnel and a modern management system, allows IPA ARGENTINA SA to carry out the commissioning, training of operators, carry out maintenance and supervision programs as well as adequately assist all its customers and users of water treatment plants in



6   Aquaice Argentina

Address: San Martín esq, F. A. Candioti, S3011 Sa Pereira, Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: +543404494258
Plus: CJM9+FQ Sa Pereira, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

At Aquaice Argentina we are dedicated to the production and marketing of mineralized, bottled water and associated products. We produce a safe and healthy product, accompanied by a high quality service.

We prepare, package and distribute microfiltered and sterilized mineralized water, respecting the highest quality standards in the processes, applying maximum technology and modern equipment.The process of making Aquaice products is governed by the Santafesina Food Safety Agency (ASSAl), which sets the optimal parameters of the water, in addition to regulating the type of ideal material for the packaging, conservation and transport of the product.The water is extracted from a borehole more than 50 meters deep and in its first treatment, microfiltration processes are carried out, eliminating all kinds of bacteria, turbidity, macromolecules and colloids, preparing the water for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, which is responsible for retain excess salts, leaving only mineralized water.
In the post-treatment, a filtration is carried out by means of activated carbon that eliminates elements of low molecular weight and a subsequent ozonization to preserve the “softer water” inside the container.


7   PSA

Address:  Moreno 877, C1091 AAQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +548102222772
Plus: 9JQC+CF Buenos Aires, Argentina

PSA is a division of environmental products of Industrias Pugliese SA, an Argentine company with international development founded in 1942 and with more than 79 years of uninterrupted activity.Since its foundation in 1990, PSA has been a pioneer in the treatment of water for domestic and commercial use, currently establishing itself as the leading company in the water purification market. In addition, she is the creator of a new and effective marketing system


8   Vital Water Argentina

Address: Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 10541, B1834 Temperley, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +541160892090
Plus:  6H9V+J8 Temperley, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina



Address: Pasteur 128, C1028AAD CABA, Argentina
Phone: +541149523346
Plus: 9JR2+Q7 Buenos Aires, Argentina




Address: Pública H 6116, X5010 Córdoba, Argentina
Plus: GPVP+66 Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
 Our online shop allows you to get top quality water purifier and water filters, delivered right to your door, no matter where you are! Smaller towns and cities, which have the poorest water quality and, due to economic constraints, have not been serviced effectively, can shop online and purchase directly from us. There is a trust factor, which our brand has overcome in the larger centers as people have been able to see the quality of our purifiers and, more importantly, our filters. When shopping for water filters and purifiers you get what you pay for. There are a number of poor quality water filter products being offered, especially online, and we encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue to contact us for reassurance.
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